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The Mayan Prophecy

Today is the last day of our world as we know it. Only a few days ago astronomers discovered an asteroid orbiting earth. There is a 99.998 percent probability of a collision with our planet within the next 60 minutes, and mankind will never survive such an impact

At the same time, somewhere deep within the Yucatan jungle, strange lights have been reported in the sky. A team of experts is sent to the area to investigate this unusual phenomenon. When they arrive, they discover a Mayan temple that seems to have been untouched for many centuries. Who built this temple? What was it built for? Your team decides to investigate the temple further

Is there still hope for mankind? You have 60 minutes to save the world…

The Mystery of the Manor

A young and rich aristocrat, Marie de Meauconduits, was assassinated in her Manor at the beginning of the last century. No murder weapon, murderer or reasons were ever found, however the spirit of Marie still remains imprisoned in this room.

Your team must further investigate this disturbing place to find a way to release the spirit of the young girl. By freeing her soul, you will in turn get your own freedom back.

You have 60 minutes!